New 2002 Golf GLS TDI

2002 Golf TDI GLS

Our new 2002 Golf TDI GLS

I decided to pick up a new “to us” 2002 Golf TDI GLS model.

Had it shipped down from Washington from a company specializes in VW diesels. Mechanically it is pretty sound but showed up needing a lot of TLC such as hoses, bushings, shocks and belts. 🙁

Will slowly upgrade it as money allows but for now it is pretty fun to drive and have noticed the gas (diesel) mileage is much better than our 2013 Golf TDI. First half tank returned around 45 mpg without any hypermiling 🙂

The 1.9 ALH motor has a nice diesel sound to it, somewhere between an old Mercedes diesel and our 2013 Golf TDI. 🙂



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