Golf TDI One Year Anniversary

I received this letter from my local VW dealer which reminded me  that we have had our 2013 Golf TDI for a year.


January 12, 2014

Dear Robert,

Congratulations!  It is your VOLKSWAGEN’s one-year anniversary.

The time has quickly gone by!  Please let me know if you have any questions regarding your 2013 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF TDI.

Also, if you have any friends or family members looking for a new vehicle, please have them contact me.

Once again, Happy Anniversary!


xxxx xxxxxx

One year ago, after many happy years of Toyota ownership, I took the plunge and purchased our first VW . Number one reason for me is that it was a diesel, and while Toyota has some great diesel vehicles available overseas, their U.S. offerings are zero.
Some of the highlights of our year of ownership were

I am very happy with our Golf TDI and in fact am about to hit 20,000 miles after only a year.  Looking forward to many more road-trips and trouble free miles.

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