Golf GTD diesel to be offered in U.S. in 2015


Just when you thought it couldn’t get better. 🙂
I just read that Volkswagen will be offering the Golf GTD here in the U.S. in two years time.
It is rumored that it will be a 2016 model and will have a $27,000 price tag.

The GTD Golf is currently offered in Europe. and is apparently a performance version of the current diesel Golf TDI.

In preparation of the GTD arriving on our shores, I thought it would be interested to hi-light some differences between the Golf GTD and the current Golf TDI.

Golf GTD Golf TDI (2013)
Horsepower 184hp @ 3500 rpms 140hp @ 4000 rpms
Torque 280 ft/lbs @ 1750 rpms 236 ft/lbs @ 1750 rpms
0 – 60 mph 7 Seconds 8.6 Seconds
Displacement 120 cu. in. 120 cu. in.

With the huge boost in both horsepower and torque, you would think there would be a hit in fuel economy. Not so. Current tests over in Europe put the mpgs close to the current Golf TDI.

Yes you can have your cake and eat it too. 🙂


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