European Volkswagen TDI’s

We recently returned from our first European trip and I was amazed at the amount of cool VW TDI offerings. Our trip took us from Germany to the Austrian Alps with even a quick step over the border into Italy. Here are a few of my favorite drool worthy vehicles that unfortunately we will probably never see in the U.S. .

Golf 4 TDI 4 Motion

I would love to own one of these 4 wheel drive Golf TDI’s. What an awesome ski vehicle.


VW Tiguan TDI

I also had the pleasure of driving my Austrian friend’s Tiguan TDI. Let me tell you the second they offer one of these in the U.S. I will be at the dealer.

VW Golf Blue Motion

In Europe VW makes a higher mpg diesel known as the Golf BlueMotion. Apparently the engine is a 1.6 liter, 1110 hp, four cylinder version that gets upwards of 65 mpg U.S.

While my wife thought I was completely weird for taking pictures of cars, I looked at the trip as a great opportunity some awesome vehicles that are forbidden fruit to those of us in the U.S.


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