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Decided to keep our Golf TDI

Well it has been a while since I have written. I won’t go into a rant on how VW screwed me by selling me a deceptive vehicle etc.

To be honest I really don’t have any ill feelings against VW.

We have driven our 2013 Golf TDI for 4 years , racking up 65.000 miles. The miles reflected some great trips, Vegas, Mammoth, Whitney Portal and Anza Borrego. Our Golf has performed flawlessly for our 4 years of ownership and we continue to drive it to this day.

Originally I planned, like 98% of TDI owners to sell my Golf back, but recently I have had a change of heart.

My plan is to hold onto our TDI as long as we can and hope there is an acceptable fix that does not affect economy and performance. This may prove difficult with our EA189 motor equipped model, but I am willing to wait and see what VW comes up with.

Rumor has it that after the fix VW will warranty the car for another 120,000 miles which equates to many more road trips 🙂

Our TDI got us to Whitney Portal, the rest was up to us.

Our TDI got us to Whitney Portal, the rest was up to us.

2015 Golf TDI

GolfJust caught a video over on YouTube showing a review of the new 7th generation 2015 Golf TDI.  If the specs are correct the new  Golf, destined to hit our shores sometime in 2014 will get an amazing 59 mpg hwy and close to 40 mpg city.

We really don’t plan on upgrading our 2013 Golf TDI anytime soon, but if we were in the market we would probably hold off and reap some more fuel savings . 🙂


Golf GTD diesel to be offered in U.S. in 2015


Just when you thought it couldn’t get better. 🙂
I just read that Volkswagen will be offering the Golf GTD here in the U.S. in two years time.
It is rumored that it will be a 2016 model and will have a $27,000 price tag.

The GTD Golf is currently offered in Europe. and is apparently a performance version of the current diesel Golf TDI.

In preparation of the GTD arriving on our shores, I thought it would be interested to hi-light some differences between the Golf GTD and the current Golf TDI.

Golf GTD Golf TDI (2013)
Horsepower 184hp @ 3500 rpms 140hp @ 4000 rpms
Torque 280 ft/lbs @ 1750 rpms 236 ft/lbs @ 1750 rpms
0 – 60 mph 7 Seconds 8.6 Seconds
Displacement 120 cu. in. 120 cu. in.

With the huge boost in both horsepower and torque, you would think there would be a hit in fuel economy. Not so. Current tests over in Europe put the mpgs close to the current Golf TDI.

Yes you can have your cake and eat it too. 🙂


Volkswagen TDI Eurovan

Haven’t seen one of these before so imagine my surprise when we passed one on the 15 South on our way back from Las Vegas.

Volkswagen TDI Eurovan

Volkswagen TDI Eurovan on the 15 fwy heading south

Volkswagen TDI Eurovan on the 15 fwy heading south

We bought a VW Golf TDI !

SmallTDIAfter after a couple years of research, and many years of owning Toyota’s we are now the proud owners of a 2013 Volkswagen Golf TDI.

We still own our diesel Toyota LandCruiser affectionately known as BioCruiser but we decided 18 mpg on our daily commute wasn’t cutting it.

Our TDI is rated at 42mpg hwy so I am real excited to see if that is the case.

Stay tuned…..